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Browse the Sustainable Energy Planning Toolbox, developed by ReSEL TUC

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The COMPOSE toolbox for Renewable and Sustainable Energy Local Planning is on air!

Navigate to the COMPOSE Sustainable Energy Planning Toolbox

The Sustainable Energy Planning Toolbox, developed by the Renewable and Sustainable Energy Systems Lab of the Technical University of Crete, navigates to the COMPOSE step-by-step, bottom-up, methodological approach for designing, planning, implementing and evaluating sustainable energy projects.

The toolbox offers insights on how to implement each development step and can be useful to the policy makers, development planners and local authorities’ technical staff involved in the development and implementation of local/regional energy plans to the transition towards low carbon communities through the sustainable development of local RES and energy efficiency measures, exploiting the local potential and integrating not only technical, but also socio-economic and environmental aspects.

You can get access to:

  • Appropriate planning and design tools to support RES and Energy Efficiency projects
  • databases to help you define your project’s baseline
  • practical guides and and other useful resources  that can assist in the development process
  • real sustainable energy case studies
  • the most resent EU Energy policies and supporting instruments.

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