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Model for sustainable energy planning by ReSEL TUC

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Lead the way to a low carbon future through RES and Energy Efficiency measures.

The COMPOSE consortium produced a model for RES development planning, to foster the efficient implementation of local energy plans and increase the share of green energy sources in the local energy mix. The COMPOSE model was tested on the field, during the implementation of 18 sustainable energy demonstration actions promoting the use of RES and energy efficiency measures, by exploiting the local potential, developing sustainable supply chains and enhancing local growth and economy, in 11 Mediterranean countries (Albania, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Croatia, Cyprus, France, Greece, Italy, Montenegro, Portugal, Slovenia and Spain).

With a specific focus to Mediterranean rural and insular areas/communities, the model supports local planners and policy makers towards low carbon communities utilising the local potential and putting stakeholders’ engagement and social acceptance at the heart of the process.


COMPOSE Model – Local energy planning and community empowerment steps


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